The New Learning Experience: Educators Inspiring Educators

October 07, 2021
Educators Inspiring Educators

When we replay the pandemic’s impact on education, we all remember the struggles we faced when the world shut down. But as we’ve powered through, those initial challenges have faded into the background, and the ingenuity and ideas of forward-thinking educators have taken center stage.

Today, we no longer look back on the past with dread, but look forward to the future with optimism that the lessons we’ve learned will continue to change the educational environment for the better.

Over the past year, the Apex Learning EdChat webinar series has welcomed nationally renowned educators who have uncovered innovative ways to equip their students for success in-person and online in our new normal. With our latest presentation, “The New Learning Experience,” we’ve compiled the most inspiring thoughts from these experts into one 15-minute video that will motivate you as you continue to plan for the year ahead.

By sharing their first-hand experiences (both good and bad), proven practices and words of wisdom, these educators, IT professionals, and researchers can help you create an action plan to tailor your curriculum to each student and improve learning opportunities for every child in your district. “The New Learning Experience” touches on a variety of on-trend topics, including:

  • The rise in virtual learning – During the pandemic, more parents discovered that all learning doesn’t have to be face-to-face to be effective. Virtual learning addresses the individual needs of each student and meets them where they are to give them more control over the time, pace and place of learning.
  • Benefits of blended learning – One school district leader shares how blending the pedagogical with the technological creates a more rigorous and engaging environment for students.
  • Using data to explore student success – When teacher dashboards place academic and socio-economic aspects side by side, districts can better understand student engagement and identify inequities in education.
  • Three ingredients to a thriving digital ecosystem – By standardizing technology and having a cohort of tech-savvy teachers in each school ready to assist families, one district was able to uncover “the secret sauce” to tech success.
  • Enhanced teacher support – Technology is not here to replace teachers, but to support them. By engaging and supporting educators from day one as well as providing instructional coaches, districts can ensure a seamless integration of technology that builds on what they’re teaching each day.

Just as our students learn from each other in the classroom, educators benefit by listening to the shared experiences of their fellow teachers and administrators. While no two school districts are alike, the insights you’ll gain from “The New Learning Experience” can be adapted and scaled to meet the needs of your students and teachers to ensure their success this school year.

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